HOW TO – Copy and Paste Text into a Blog Post

I strongly recommend that you compose your discussion posts in Word or another word processing program and save them on your computer, so that you always have a copy available if something goes wrong with your post to the blog. You can then copy and paste them into blog entries by following these instructions.

(1) While viewing the text in your word processing program, select it using your cursor and then choose Copy from the File menu.

Tip: You can also use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste. On a Mac, command-c is copy and command-v is paste. The command key is the one immediately to the left of the space bar. In Windows, ctrl-c is copy and ctrl-v is paste.

(2) Switch to your web browser and go to the appropriate blog.

(3) Create a new blog entry, using the subject line and category specified in the assignment.

(4) Switch the editing mode to HTML (this will strip your pasted text of any formatting, which probably wouldn’t have translated correctly anyway)

(5) Click inside the message box and choose Paste from the Edit menu (or use the appropriate keyboard shortcut).

(6) Apply formatting using the WordPress post editing toolbar.

(7) Preview or submit the post.

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