How to get more sales

  • ustomize Colors: Because this is created in slide software, all of the buttons and graphics are editable and the colors can be customized (if you or your students don’t love the teal).
  • Gray Title and Bio Picture: I also added a placeholder for the gray blog title (as many blogs have a graphic above their post) and a place to add a bio picture. Students can replace these placeholder images by right-clicking on them and adding their own.
  • Possible Uses: I truly never know how the templates I create will be used. As I mentioned earlier, this template could easily be used like a fake social media template where one creates a fake blog post from a literary, scientific, political, or historical figure. It could also be used to promote the idea of blogging and writing in your classroom and truly just be a blog for students.
  • Cool “Real World” Features: As I tried to mimic the nature of real blogs, I added a few blog sidebar options such as categories, recent posts, favorite posts (like popular posts but these would be the student’s favorite ones), place for a profile pic and mini-bio, a possible affiliate ad/sponsored product, and how to connect with the blogger socially. I should mention I am not endorsing having students create/use/link personal social media accounts to their fake blog… more than if they were writing a faux blog or even if it was their real blog, which types of social media would they use to promote it and/or connect with readers?

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